Still fighting 17 months post transplantation 

Still fighting 17 months post transplantation 

I have finally decided to come out… of my bedroom in my mothers house in order to pursue further treatment following my HSCT treatment 17 months ago. 

This treatment that I am pursing is called Mesenchymal MSCs. 

In short, MSCs’ operate by introducing large populations of ‘blank’ cells into the body. These cells then travel to damaged areas within the system that require correcting and assist with work on repairs, in essence enhancing the body’s natural repair processes in correcting damaged cells. 

If you are not the reading type and are more of a visual person, who chooses not to see my visually pleasing blog with super fun images mainly of myself😆 (no matter, I will still give you a hug). 

If you do need more information to absorb the diagram above, just let YouTube explain everything in this clip including scary cute animations the how MSCs helps the immune response. 

I am fortunate to be living at home under the gentle care of my adorable long suffering mother whilst recovering from my major attack that left me in a terrible state and considerable damage to brain / spine. This attack occurred two years ago. *refer to previous blog posts. My treatment was subsiquently followed up by receiving myeloablative hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) that successfully ceased my active MS. YAY! Excellent! 

This seriously was truly a life saving treatment. Now the next part of the journey begins as I seek to help repair the remaing damaged cells as they are slowly busy repairing itself. 

The best thing I can do now is to provide a new opportunity to my body and boost the repair process with mesenchymal MSCs treatment for multiple sclerosis. 

I hear you all think “what have you been doing all this time Irene aka awesome fabulous woman?” Yes, I know what you are all thinking, bless you all 👄 
Well, I have been actively focused on my rehabilitation which involves physiotherapy, mindfulness, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, brain lazer therapy, congative, dexterity therapy, more physiotherapy, blogging of cause and recently pursuing elocqution lessons of all things…in short, a number of therapies; all in accordance with my personal directive to never give up, never surrender💪 

This October I am travelling to Bangkok to receive MSCs treatment that might  assist in repairing damaged part’s that affect nerves in by hard-working body. 

I will keep posting my progress. 

    Love Eirini xxx


    NO ACTIVE MS! 6 months post transplant

    I am happy to report that my six (6) month MRI shows no active disease!

    So the wonderful HSCT treatment was successful in stopping my MS from attacking my brain! YAY! Although unfortunately, I am very aware that I do still have many lesions (scars) in my brain and spine.

    Check out below one of my MRI slides of my adorable brain, the white parts are damaged bits:

    MRI slide of brain and spine
    Irene Christis

    I have been recovering since my mayoblative HSCT treatment that was performed at St Vincents Hospital in Sydney by the brilliant team under Dr Moore on 1 April 2015.

    Irene Christis

    The treatment process and chemotherapy were ridiculously intense.

    That was the most scariest, last best hope to treat my MS – quote from Babylon 5 come on I had to get my geek on 😉

    Following a lengthy stay in Canberra Hospital that resulted from a significant MS attack leaving me immobile and unconsciousness. I was hovering around 9 on the below EDSS scale  graph. 10 is death.

    Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS)

    The Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) is a method of quantifying disability in multiple sclerosis and monitoring changes in the level of disability over time. It is widely used in clinical trials and in the assessment of people with MS.

    I  knew that I had get up, move and work extremely hard to be able to meet the criteria for the Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT) treatment.

    I had to be 6 on graph and walk 100 meters. I started with small improvements from moving one toe to eventually walking with cruches.


    I have to say that the HSCT treatment  process was seriously terrifying, life changing and nessary for a chance of quality of life.

    Currently I am keeping busy with lots of rehabilitation both physical, mental to remap my neurological paths…kind of like renetworking a computer system.

    Plus many more medical appointments and a much needed mother daughter vacation!

    Mum and Erini on holiday

    Back to reality doctors, medications, physiotherapists, acupuncture….blah blah. It’s all good, I’ll keep moving forward getting stronger and working on my showy off muscles 💪

    Love Irene xxx

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    Truth bomb…behind the smiles

    Okay here it is…i am doing so well post transplant treament which is so amazing /brilliant/wonderful / but gee it’s been a rough ride. 

    I love love love all the beautiful kindness from everyone, i feel so humbled and blessed to see the gorgeous comments xxxx I’m a such a high!! but chemo/medicines / days of sleep to now zero sleep is taking it out of me.

    Please try to understand i have undergone massive treatment called HSCT. And remember i been have so sick for a year fighting for my life -brushing close to death..i just thought that i should tell it how it really is…it’s been hard for me and for my always stunning mother who has been taking care of me through this illness at the rough scary times, coming so close the end (talking death here) and back…mums are the only ones that love you unconditionally, mine is exceptional. The journey is far from over and yes I’ll still send silly pictures, cos it is fun )

    I am loving food again!! I’m soooo happy…when i am home and better, i requested a Lamb on the spit as i missed Easter this year (Greeks most cherish time of the year)

    Keep sending the love it means more than you think xxx i am truly feel like  the richest person in support and love form my big fat gorgeous family, you don’t need to be related to be family xx

    above all, things can only get better…i am going to make the best of this wonderful gift and make every moment count.

    Love to you all, Erini xx

    New stem cells 1 April 2015

    The stemcell treatment Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) is not an easy process.

    1 April 2015 is my birth stem cells day!!! See the below plan for Irene Christis Elliott. Nasty massive doses of chemotherapy administered to completely zero my immune system, ensuring that all the rotten active MS is treated.


    This is hard..
    I made a clip on you tube.


    Love Erini

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    Chemo chemo chemo

    So this chemo thing is scary.
    I made the choice to  go through  with the stem cell  treatment.Effectively Killing  my immune  system  completely and rebuild  it with new stem cells.
    Below  is my itemized  treatment for the next 7 days.

    1)Tuesday 25 – Blood taken
    2)Wednesday 25 D7 – insertion of central line
    3)Thursday 26 – chemo (carmustine)
    4) Friday 27 – chemo (etoposide) & (Cytarabine)
    5) Saturday 28 – chemo (etoposide) & (Cytarabine)
    6) Sunday 29 – chemo (etoposide) & (Cytarabine)
    7) Monday 30 – chemo (etoposide) & (Cytarabine)
    Tuesday 31 March – BIG nasty chemo


    Wednesday 1 – new stem cells introduced 😄☺:)😁

    Love Eirini xx