Doctors, tests, tears and a walking stick business

I had no idea what the doctors, neurologists and tests were about, they were very all very fancy, complicated, painful and the doctors asked heaps of questions, they all looked so concerned and said “but you’re so young…”

I had the below tests:
– Spinal tap
– Blood tests
– Tested for HIV, ADIS
– Questions about everything in my life
– Reflex tests…and so on

The Doctors

After all the tests, I knew that the visit to the doctor was not going to be a good one.  Nonetheless, chin up they say, off to the doctors to get the bad news. I told my very handsome hubby ‘I know it’s going to be bad news, but I can always start a walking stick factory’ I am sure he was thinking, geez she’s over thinking the situation.
Then the doctor said “I am sorry, but you have MS.”

To this day, THE worse part that I still remember, etched into my memory, was the look on my very wonderful husbands face – it bloody broke my heart. It’s still the shitest thing and I still get teary remembering this moment.

This isn’t how it’s meant to be I told myself, we just got married, they must be wrong, the data must be flawed – this is a big bad joke.

But it wasn’t a joke and the truth was that I have MS…however I still thought that this might be a bad realty show with hidden cameras, a cheesy host in a plaid suit with a bad 80’s haircut and the doctors pop out from behind the door and say “just kidding, you’re fine.” The audience would appear from behind curtains which I couldn’t see.

It wasn’t a joke. I have MS.


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