The first MS attack

My very first symptoms came to me at the enthusiastic age of 19 in 1997. I was in my 3rd year of university and in total love with this unbelievable handsome man.

I had two very stressful events 1) my parents got separated 2) the super spunky man was posted out of the state for work. Very messed up situation for a 19 year old.

My symptoms included a small loss of sensation and numbness on my left foot and then the numbness progressed to the left side of my body.


However, I thought to myself, no matter, and my body functions retuned back to normal fairly quickly. I shook it off and no longer thought of it.

Life was so great & brilliant

I loved working in television, my passion, dream job…getting paid to watch television!!
I so much enjoyed hanging out with amazing super cool friends and living in Sydney.

Lots of good fun times, life was all was good, apart from being apart from him – the love/lust of my life.

Marriage to the most brilliant bloke ever, gee I’m lucky

I am so blessed to have married the love /lust of my life and years after just a few years later at 24, I noticed intense pain in my back and I was walking funny, I thought it was due my increased exercise program.

But something was not right.

I visited a physiotherapist to correct the ridiculous intense pain I had in my back, it hurt so much. The physiotherapist had one look at me, got quickly had another doctor for a second option; I was then rapidly referred to a local GP and had an appointment for the following day.


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