Gus’ the dog guest Blog

Gus the dog’s blog about Irene the human’s story

So my name is Gus and I’m freerice massive dog beast and oh yeah, I also guest blog.

This is a picture of me on the right:

Let me tell you, I have a pretty good deal with the humans, they seem easy to please. The female gives me heaps of attention and the male keeps us safe.

I share my kennel with lovely sticks that I have gathered and Milla also a freerice massive dog beast, she is the pack superior.

I always have to protect the humans, they have no idea how many dangers there are. For example, the box that they are always looking at has so many threats, like these things they call news, cartoons and documentaries, simply terrible stuff, so dangerous, lucky I am here to protect them, but I just bark and scare the box trouble away. I am forever doing this.

The female human beast loves me, she needs the most  protection and I know that I need to help her. Sometimes she is hurt real bad and can’t do things but she always gives me pats and attention.

I love spending time with her, especially love it when I can sit with her on the couch. I just want to please her and for her to be happy.

She keeps talkimg about this thing called HSCT. It sounds kinda scary. but I will protect her.

She is rarely sleeps, I often hear her get up during the night, I wish that she would let me in the house so that I can protect her.

She tells me that she needs to seek a new direction with HSCT.  I am not sure what this is, but I will have to research with my peeps.

Now I think she means get rid of the annoying box with those terrible dangerous monsters, see my nemesis  below:


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