My Big fat Greek family

I never thought My Greek family was all that big or Greek for that matter…isn’t everyone’s family big?


I have heaps of aunts and uncles (Theia and Theios) and cousins, some of which I’m not even directly related to, but that’s okay, they are all Greek, even if they’re not.

My sister- cousin (sis-cuz) Eleni and I didn’t really like each much other growing up.  She was always so neat and precise; she didn’t like playing rough or in the dirt much – boring!  I though, how can I be related to this person? She blond with blue eyes!!!

Turns out it’s easy. My side of the family the ‘C
hristis’ are rough, like playing in the dirt and love taking dangerous risks – the Gianakakis side are careful methodical, do take risks, and don’t get dirty much.

The Christis are like a pack of dogs and the Gianakakis are like cat’s.

(sis-cuz) Eleni has being with me throughout my life and my MS journey.
Eleni and Erini

We were posed to QLD when she called me on the week that I was diagnosed with MS to ask me if this was real?  Since then we have moved to Canberra and she has come to my heaps of my appointments and been a supportive sis-cuz.

She has never treated me like disease, quite the opposite I fact, she loughs not with me but at me!!! And I love her guts.

We spoke about my treatments and she’s watched me try every option. She is a trained nurse and was with morbid fascinated watching some experimental treatments. Then she watched me as the MS took a nasty turn and I became bed/couch bound with my Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) reaching 9.5.

EDSS – 10 is death.

Not wanting to lose her pain in the arse sis-cuz she suggested that we hold a Big Fat Greek fundraiser to raise the funds so I can get High-dose immunosuppressant therapy and autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) overseas .


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