The big fat planning for my big fat fundraiser

I have said it before – I love my sizable Greek family.  I am fortunate to have grown up with all these amazing, beautiful and kind, somewhat loud people.  So I was beyond honoured when they all came together to help me raise funds for treatment.

The fundraising team got together every Monday night for three months to plan the most impressive fundraising event that the Hellenic Club has ever seen! …well that I have attended anyway, so this is the first fundraiser I have been to…so I guess since this is my blog, I can make these claims, that the club said ‘this is one of the most successful fundraisers that the club has held’.

Here is a photo of my family planning:

Big fat planning for my big fat fundraiser

I am in such awe of my amazing awesome wonderful supportive family that got together, often straight after work, to help organise the most fun brilliant fundraiser – to help raise much needed funds for my treatment overseas.

I am so very grateful to everyone for all the kind, support and love that you all have generously shared (you know who you are xx) – and as I write this post, I am of course a blubbing mess. My happiness levels are yet again, over flowing as I consider how blessed I truly am. In fact my happiness levels often overflow which leads to me (secretly) happily sobbing most times during the fundraiser. I was and still am happy when anyone spokes to me sharing their support, or emailed, or said, or did anything kind. Hell if you even smiled at me, you may not have seen it as I’m really good at hiding my happy whimpering – well I’d like to think so anyway.  I was/ am still a weeping mess because I truly feel blessed, loved and like a special person. Wow.

This experience is so amazing.


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