Dog walks, fatigue and anxiety

So I just got back from walking the dogs. I can’t always walk the dogs so we play catch instead, which usually does the trick and tires them out.

The walks not very long, usually 8 to 10 mins at best. During walks I tend to get over heated, I panic, sweat, become fatigued, then the pattern follows up with anxiety setting in for the rest of the walk – plus the walk can become challenging when the training treats run out with these two extremely adorable very excited dogs.

I usually break up the walk with dog training exercises or more accurately excuses for me to rest a little. The pack training in involves training like, sit, stay, drop and so on. The dogs get a good deal and this gives me a chance to walk plus a great training tool.

I don’t do very well when I am over heated, my body fatigues, I sweat, get very anxious which then leads to panic attacks.

I have developed breathing exercises, this helps a bit.

My walking is very slowly improving, our walks go for almost 15 mins and we all now walk the entire full block, very awesome. I am so proud my beautiful dogs, the training and love our relaxing evenings together.

Irene and pups relaxing


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