WOW – treatment overseas!

I am really getting this treatment!!!!

I received the most amazing news ever from Dr Admit – I have been accepted for HSCT in India!!!!

It has been a few weeks since I received this wonderful news and to be honest I am still in shock, terrified and so very elated all at same time. At the moment, I’m pretty terrified. But so very happy!!! Oh yeah, and still a bit shocked.

Thank you so much everyone for helping me with my Big Fat Greek Fundraiser, your amazing support is amazing and so beautiful. The process from now until treatment in India is crazy overwhelming and the support from my fundraiser is a tremendous help.

I have been trying to get access to this treatment the last best hope for myself for so long now.  I read the acceptance email over and over. And tuned off my computer and then re-read the email. Had some lunch and re-read the email.

I still have so much to do organise a timetable and create an end-to-end schedule, Visa, will, accommodation, flights, travel insurance, doctors now and also on return including Haematologist, freeze my eggs, organise HR leave without pay, bills, sell cars…wow this is huge.

The amazing outcomes from the Big Fat Fundraiser are all the amazing conversations that have stated from this event, which have led to more discussions with MS mates, members of Government and hopefully actions.

This is so amazing!

I look forward to sharing my journey with you and hopefully chat with you on Skype.


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