MS – Fertility, blessing, curse

MS is a bloody rotten illness; it takes over your life your partners, your family and the community.

For my family the illness has taken so much. The constant medical efforts, multiple Doctors, Neurologists, hospital, surgery, masses of medications, MRI & blood tests…the list goes on and on.

HOPE is a wonderful beautiful blessing. The hope that was lucky to have received is called HSCT.
I am so fortunate to have an amazing husband and a brilliant family who offered the gift of hope. Plus I am blessed to be good friends with HSCT champion Carmel Turner who shared her HSCT experience and provided hope of a quality of life.

How amazing is the hope of news that there is a treatment that has promise to rid my MS!!! Wow it’s like all my Easters (better than Christmas in the Greek culture) and birthdays combined!!

Fertility & HSCT
In June 2014 I will be receiving HSCT, which means freedom from MS! and hope for quality of life for me, my family and my community.

I am totally super happy about that and at the same time I can’t help but think about everything that I lost or did not have the chance. My thoughts about fertility are deep and intense. I am so annoyed pissed off that I may not have a family.

I am 36 now and there is no secret that I have always wanted to have children.

We have wonderful clever birds, two adorable dogs and coy fish, perfect buddies in our family and maybe even kids.

Up until now the journey has been pain survival and the unfortunate situation now is that I might be in a better position to be a mother (to human kids that is).

The fact is that we are getting older and really want to do things together like travel, hike, ride push bikes together, bucket list things.

My wonderful husband and I have been talking together about the kid thing, the risks if the illness comes back, of the kid gets my rotten MS, how my body will cope with pregnancy. There is a lot to consider.

I was planning to have our embryos frozen for the choice (false or other) to have kids when I recover from Chemotherapy.

There is still so much tho think about for example we could adopt, we always considered this even pre-MS. It would be a gift to have the opportunity to be parents to a child that needs a home.

Still so much to think about …. Keep reading my blog and any thoughts are welcome

Love Irene


2 thoughts on “MS – Fertility, blessing, curse

  1. You are a woman in a million honey, and I’m proud you are my cousin. Your strength, determination and attitude will pave the road for many other MS sufferers. We are with you all the way.
    Love Maria

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