bugger I’m getting worse

ImageImageThis picture of Gus is a good representation of how I am…deflated, not happy, depressed,  kinda sleepy. Im off my medication and am now really feeling the effects of my MS. Like the left side of face is numb, losing ability to 2 walk😧😧 But ill find😤 out today how I really am at my MRI 😆.  Apologies I can’t get rid of the emotive’s…not a very:?😧😧smart phone.  Ill post the results in the next post.  




One thought on “bugger I’m getting worse

  1. Hang in their honey. You are an inspiration to many people who don’t have to deal with half the challenges you are dealing with. It’s now more than ever you need to keep positive, believe and have faith. Your tired body is just telling you to rest. I know the opportunity for you to have your treatment is sooooo close, just around the corner. There is strength in a united belief, and faith and you have the whole family and country right behind you. xx

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