Omg I have active lesions!!!

That is the last thing I need to be treated in Sydney!!!!! This is so freaking amazing 😀

I do have an massive relapse and so im on a 5 day course of methylprednisolone (steroids) – poor little Gus…he has fur now, but can’t say if his fur will be there or the same colour during this week 😀

If I don’t get into Sydney which is not confirmed, im getting the plan B-Italy, and D-Germany organised. Its all good. I just hope to walk again, kinda sick of falling.


2 thoughts on “Omg I have active lesions!!!

  1. Active lesions are apparently a good thing for HSCT so yay for that, it gets tiring falling down all the time (not to mentions all the bumps and scrapes) wishing you well 💗

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