Celebrating the small wins!

Its amazing to have these little wins in my process. It is slow as I’m weaning myself these good but rotten steroids.

Im doing some reab…that involves not what you think, but mainly stretching, (and not much of that) so that my mussels don’t tighten up more and im celebrating small wins,  like that I’m now walking on the walker to the toilet without resting on the  way!!!

When i have these types of attacks over 20 by now, I’ve  learnt what to do after an attack to give ourselves the best,  I just love that I can walk to the bathroom and as of yesterday can shower by myself!! I’ve lost so much weight and can’t wait to get my fat levels back up…I’ve got a 2 kgs of ice cream  waiting for me.

This is the first time I’m making sure I keep up the stretching….I hope it helps on the other side ☺

This is a significant relapse, but im doing everything I can that can help and im listening to my husband!

These steroids are rotten,  the super fast rate is something to say the least,  but at least in the wean off stages now.

I’m continuing to improve!


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