THE RELAPSE – what happened to have gotten to this stage

There was a state long weekend and it was on the public holiday when I happy drive 30 odd kilometres across town to visit my drear friend and her baby on Monday. No drama, everything was all good, I was a bit wobbly but walking just fine. I played and spent time with my dear friend, at the end of tge visit I was very tired, but playing can do that to one.

The next day I was due to have an MRI and so I popped into my car to drive there but as soon as I turned the corner, just like that, I lost the feeling in my legs. I pulled on the emergency brakes and roght away called my aunt who lives a couple of blocks away (yes , I get it, how very typically Greek to live so close to my family and lucky for me) I was in tears and ask her to come and help.

She picked me, she was also teary, she is amazing and took me to the soon to be life changing MRI appointment.

MS can effect you just like that. Attacks are so quick, unexpected and doesn’t discriminate.


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