The recovery process, remapping my brain.


Two days ago was my first day out on to my patio! 

My poor bain and body has been through so much. This attack is not the first and is certainly not the worst. It is however, right up on the bad end of the scale. 

My journey has involved lots of ongoing rebab.

The process is well thought out, scientifically based research, tested and refined on multiple occasions. 

Everyone that has MS has there own unique healing process and listed below is my personal  healing process:

-play (kids are great to be around,  they ground you and make you laugh, animals are wonderful,  they love you unconditionally)
-connect with friends and family
-talk to others about what’s going on
-appreciate the small things
-be inspired (one way is to watch heaps of online Technology Entertainment Design (TED) talks about ideas that you can share)
-listen (I have to write down what I hear that I can process and reflect)
-and dont worry about the small things

-Online puzzles (block online puzzle games)
-memory games, mind reflex games (Lumosity)
-learning new language (even if I don’t use it good process)
-blog (talk about what’s going on)

-physical therapy rebab relearning basic functions (learnt from sports physical therapist)
-eat healthy food
-core strengthen exercise
-resistance band training (good one to do when can’t walk)
-steghthen stretch legs (as much as I can, currently for 7 mins twice per day)
-upper body (limited)
-back (can’t do this yet)
-walk (slowly purpose controlled)

Learning hurts, accually hurts, like an explosion in my head and physically painful as my body heals.

This my rehab process and so far its worked even if my progress is slow painful and that’s okay.


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