How I’m travelling

18 August September sorry for the typo – discharged from Canberra hospital!

My family mum dad aunts uncles brothers sister cousins friends helped me along xxx

The rehab team at Canberra hospital were exemplary with care efforts helping me toward discharge.

The nurses are brilliant at caring for me medical and emotionally.

The physiotherapy was terrific helping me learn to walk again and building my strength xxx

The next part will be even more difficult.

And yes my husband and I both do not have the right skills/tools/words to help this journey but we both try.

Although he and I are hurting we are still fighting.

July- slowly building my mobility, strength,  vision. Is improving.
25 to 27 July I played puzzles games on the lowest most basic level
28 July played puzzles and won 10 games! Got an intense head ache, mind is busy re-mapping
29 July – Omg I slept most of night bloody awesome
Got to emergency and weighing 40.5 kg and now of Monday 28th July I weigh 49 kg – huge achievement! !!


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