Chemo chemo chemo

So this chemo thing is scary.
I made the choice to  go through  with the stem cell  treatment.Effectively Killing  my immune  system  completely and rebuild  it with new stem cells.
Below  is my itemized  treatment for the next 7 days.

1)Tuesday 25 – Blood taken
2)Wednesday 25 D7 – insertion of central line
3)Thursday 26 – chemo (carmustine)
4) Friday 27 – chemo (etoposide) & (Cytarabine)
5) Saturday 28 – chemo (etoposide) & (Cytarabine)
6) Sunday 29 – chemo (etoposide) & (Cytarabine)
7) Monday 30 – chemo (etoposide) & (Cytarabine)
Tuesday 31 March – BIG nasty chemo


Wednesday 1 – new stem cells introduced 😄☺:)😁

Love Eirini xx


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