I have finally decided to come out… of my bedroom in my mothers house in order to pursue further treatment following my HSCT treatment 17 months ago. 

This treatment that I am pursing is called Mesenchymal MSCs. 

In short, MSCs’ operate by introducing large populations of ‘blank’ cells into the body. These cells then travel to damaged areas within the system that require correcting and assist with work on repairs, in essence enhancing the body’s natural repair processes in correcting damaged cells. 

If you are not the reading type and are more of a visual person, who chooses not to see my visually pleasing blog with super fun images mainly of myself😆 (no matter, I will still give you a hug). 

If you do need more information to absorb the diagram above, just let YouTube explain everything in this clip including scary cute animations the how MSCs helps the immune response. 

I am fortunate to be living at home under the gentle care of my adorable long suffering mother whilst recovering from my major attack that left me in a terrible state and considerable damage to brain / spine. This attack occurred two years ago. *refer to previous blog posts. My treatment was subsiquently followed up by receiving myeloablative hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) that successfully ceased my active MS. YAY! Excellent! 

This seriously was truly a life saving treatment. Now the next part of the journey begins as I seek to help repair the remaing damaged cells as they are slowly busy repairing itself. 

The best thing I can do now is to provide a new opportunity to my body and boost the repair process with mesenchymal MSCs treatment for multiple sclerosis. 

I hear you all think “what have you been doing all this time Irene aka awesome fabulous woman?” Yes, I know what you are all thinking, bless you all 👄 
Well, I have been actively focused on my rehabilitation which involves physiotherapy, mindfulness, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, brain lazer therapy, congative, dexterity therapy, more physiotherapy, blogging of cause and recently pursuing elocqution lessons of all things…in short, a number of therapies; all in accordance with my personal directive to never give up, never surrender💪 

This October I am travelling to Bangkok to receive MSCs treatment that might  assist in repairing damaged part’s that affect nerves in by hard-working body. 

I will keep posting my progress. 

    Love Eirini xxx


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