My name is Irene Elliott and I have MS…that’s right Multiple Spunky.

Come to think about it, I was born oodles of Spunk. Another thing that tested my spunkiness occurred when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2002 aged 24. My initial symptoms included semi paralyses, loss of function on the left side of my body and my Spunkiness levels were strained.

I was lucky to have recovered 85% function from that first attack and remained on an irregular downward course over the in the past 10 years. Unfortunately my progression included multiple MS attacks and my condition quickly deteriorated.

Determine to never surrender to the disease, even when my mobility was impaired to the point of relying on a wheelchair, or walking aid’s, losing eyesight and even after her Doctors gave up – Throughout all of this adversity my spunkiness remained.

My goal is to stop the progression of the disease, reverse a measurable amount of symptoms and give my body a chance to get up to 100% spunkiness levels.

This blog is established to track my journey.  


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