NO ACTIVE MS! 6 months post transplant

I am happy to report that my six (6) month MRI shows no active disease!

So the wonderful HSCT treatment was successful in stopping my MS from attacking my brain! YAY! Although unfortunately, I am very aware that I do still have many lesions (scars) in my brain and spine.

Check out below one of my MRI slides of my adorable brain, the white parts are damaged bits:

MRI slide of brain and spine
Irene Christis

I have been recovering since my mayoblative HSCT treatment that was performed at St Vincents Hospital in Sydney by the brilliant team under Dr Moore on 1 April 2015.

Irene Christis

The treatment process and chemotherapy were ridiculously intense.

That was the most scariest, last best hope to treat my MS – quote from Babylon 5 come on I had to get my geek on 😉

Following a lengthy stay in Canberra Hospital that resulted from a significant MS attack leaving me immobile and unconsciousness. I was hovering around 9 on the below EDSS scale  graph. 10 is death.

Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS)

The Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) is a method of quantifying disability in multiple sclerosis and monitoring changes in the level of disability over time. It is widely used in clinical trials and in the assessment of people with MS.

I  knew that I had get up, move and work extremely hard to be able to meet the criteria for the Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT) treatment.

I had to be 6 on graph and walk 100 meters. I started with small improvements from moving one toe to eventually walking with cruches.


I have to say that the HSCT treatment  process was seriously terrifying, life changing and nessary for a chance of quality of life.

Currently I am keeping busy with lots of rehabilitation both physical, mental to remap my neurological paths…kind of like renetworking a computer system.

Plus many more medical appointments and a much needed mother daughter vacation!

Mum and Erini on holiday

Back to reality doctors, medications, physiotherapists, acupuncture….blah blah. It’s all good, I’ll keep moving forward getting stronger and working on my showy off muscles 💪

Love Irene xxx

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THE RELAPSE – what happened to have gotten to this stage

There was a state long weekend and it was on the public holiday when I happy drive 30 odd kilometres across town to visit my drear friend and her baby on Monday. No drama, everything was all good, I was a bit wobbly but walking just fine. I played and spent time with my dear friend, at the end of tge visit I was very tired, but playing can do that to one.

The next day I was due to have an MRI and so I popped into my car to drive there but as soon as I turned the corner, just like that, I lost the feeling in my legs. I pulled on the emergency brakes and roght away called my aunt who lives a couple of blocks away (yes , I get it, how very typically Greek to live so close to my family and lucky for me) I was in tears and ask her to come and help.

She picked me, she was also teary, she is amazing and took me to the soon to be life changing MRI appointment.

MS can effect you just like that. Attacks are so quick, unexpected and doesn’t discriminate.