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Truth bomb…behind the smiles

Okay here it is…i am doing so well post transplant treament which is so amazing /brilliant/wonderful / but gee it’s been a rough ride. 

I love love love all the beautiful kindness from everyone, i feel so humbled and blessed to see the gorgeous comments xxxx I’m a such a high!! but chemo/medicines / days of sleep to now zero sleep is taking it out of me.

Please try to understand i have undergone massive treatment called HSCT. And remember i been have so sick for a year fighting for my life -brushing close to death..i just thought that i should tell it how it really is…it’s been hard for me and for my always stunning mother who has been taking care of me through this illness at the rough scary times, coming so close the end (talking death here) and back…mums are the only ones that love you unconditionally, mine is exceptional. The journey is far from over and yes I’ll still send silly pictures, cos it is fun )

I am loving food again!! I’m soooo happy…when i am home and better, i requested a Lamb on the spit as i missed Easter this year (Greeks most cherish time of the year)

Keep sending the love it means more than you think xxx i am truly feel like  the richest person in support and love form my big fat gorgeous family, you don’t need to be related to be family xx

above all, things can only get better…i am going to make the best of this wonderful gift and make every moment count.

Love to you all, Erini xx

New stem cells 1 April 2015

The stemcell treatment Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) is not an easy process.

1 April 2015 is my birth stem cells day!!! See the below plan for Irene Christis Elliott. Nasty massive doses of chemotherapy administered to completely zero my immune system, ensuring that all the rotten active MS is treated.


This is hard..
I made a clip on you tube.


Love Erini

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Chemo chemo chemo

So this chemo thing is scary.
I made the choice to  go through  with the stem cell  treatment.Effectively Killing  my immune  system  completely and rebuild  it with new stem cells.
Below  is my itemized  treatment for the next 7 days.

1)Tuesday 25 – Blood taken
2)Wednesday 25 D7 – insertion of central line
3)Thursday 26 – chemo (carmustine)
4) Friday 27 – chemo (etoposide) & (Cytarabine)
5) Saturday 28 – chemo (etoposide) & (Cytarabine)
6) Sunday 29 – chemo (etoposide) & (Cytarabine)
7) Monday 30 – chemo (etoposide) & (Cytarabine)
Tuesday 31 March – BIG nasty chemo


Wednesday 1 – new stem cells introduced 😄☺:)😁

Love Eirini xx

It’s show time!

Wow. I finally made it all the way to the beginning of the end of my journey to stop progession of my bloody MS.

3 DAYS to go untill the most unique,  insane, aggressive, best last hope to treat my MS – Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT).

It has been a long, tricky, challenging journey. I’ve come a long way with help from my amazing inner circle, (mum as the lead of course). Helping me from unconsciousnes to thriving (well have to remain positive).

Geez it’s going to be a freaky few weeks/months.

Thanks for reading and keep looking out for my blogs.

Love Ειρηνη (Irene) xx