It’s show time!

Wow. I finally made it all the way to the beginning of the end of my journey to stop progession of my bloody MS.

3 DAYS to go untill the most unique,  insane, aggressive, best last hope to treat my MS – Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT).

It has been a long, tricky, challenging journey. I’ve come a long way with help from my amazing inner circle, (mum as the lead of course). Helping me from unconsciousnes to thriving (well have to remain positive).

Geez it’s going to be a freaky few weeks/months.

Thanks for reading and keep looking out for my blogs.

Love Ειρηνη (Irene) xx



Post stem cell chemo phase

Chemo is rough and it is just the beginning!

This caused vomiting, left me feeling fainty, generally feeling rotten, I slept a lot.

The next part of process included daily injections (side effects included muscle pain) to promote stem cells

I had a vascap put in..also not fun, I felt like a cyborg ready to assimilate with the tubes sticking out of my neck!


On the positive side I collected 17 million stem cells and I have a start month of March   Everything is AWESOME😆

And the tubes were removed after harvesting


Stem cell treatment begins – 5 December 2014!

Only weeks away to treatment and it feels both melancholy and familiar. 

Melancholy as it has been such a sad long journey for myself and family network(friends included).

Familiar as I feels like I have traveled this road many times.

However this time, I successfully navigated the journey to the end.

The final destination is scheduled for January 2015. 

My HSCT for December:

1) Chemo start 5 December stay overnight till 6 December

2) 10 days nasty injections to promote stem cells

3) Milestone cell harvesting 15 and 16 December

See information Australian clinical trial Phase III

Keep watching as I travel my journey

Love Erini xx

Stem Cell Treatment for Irene Christis Elliott !!!

Yay let the next chapter begin!

I have been approved for Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT) treatment in St Vincent ‘s hospital.

i have set the target for HSCT and mapped this journey for years.

My approach was always to never gave up, never surrender. As much as the destination seemed unachievable, I just kept going and always regularly reviewed my path toward the target.

This next part of this journey is going to be rough but there is hope.

I am staring the first round of chemo and stem cell collection in December 2014, with the massive chemo session planned in January 2015.

For now I am still learning the walking bit – keep reading my blog during this
Life changing treatment.

Love Erini xx

City news update article

Brave Irene battles on


Irene’s update post hospital

I have the greatest appriciation for my mother’s love and care.
Σ ‘αγαπώ τη μητέρα xxx

This is a massive learning curve.

Right now anything is possible in this journey that is mine with all the amazing support network from family,  friends,  medical professionals everyone is working as a team to make sure I get better.

Key good updates so far:
● Eyesight is slowly returning!! yay! – single vision, less blurred.
● stronger,  legs, core, arms – standing with support, walk slowly,  small steps.
● Brain (congative) improving – solving puzzles at midum level!
● Problem solving – using great online tool Lumosity.
● Nutrition – excellent fresh healthy food and supplement
● super sleep
● maintain positive energy around

Home yummy food


Lots and lots of playing story telling:D

Keep watching for more updates anything could happen xxx

Love Erini